E- Single Stacker (750 x 579)


Industry Expertise

Our expertise in the manufacturing industry enable us to service and manufacture various products .

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Brick & Block Moulds
  • Block Plant Handling
  • Abel Brick Grab
  • Laser Cutting
  • CNC Sheet Metal Bending
  • Solar Energy Storage
  • Special Enclosures
  • Tipper Bins
  • Abrasion tester (SANS 1058)


What We Offer for You

We offer products to the Cement Brick Industry that will assist brick manufacturers to save money and time.

Handling Plant 01

Automatic Brick Handling Plant - Finger Car Type for automated handling of production boards from block machine.

Brick & Block Moulds

A Large variety of Brick & Block Moulds for Static Block Machines.

Handling Plant 02

Automatic Brick Handling Plant - Forklift Type for the automated handling of production boards from a block machine

Abel Brick Grab

Abel Brick grab is used extensively for the brick stacks by crane truck or forklift.

Handling Plant 03

Semi Automatic Handling Plant for "end of line" handling of production boards after curing time.

Block Machine Products

A variety of of product related to the brick industry are also available.