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Premises of ABEL Equipment and LaserXpress

Abel equipment takes pride in the following services to the brick industry:

Abel Brick Grab:

Developed in 2001, this patented Abel Brick Grab, that comes in various models, is being used in a variety of brick industry applications. The Abel Brick Grab has also become a very well known feature on brick delivery transport. The Abel Brick Grab also services a large number brick yards throughout Southern Africa.  

Abel Brick Moulds:

The Abel Cement Brick & Block Moulds have proven to be a ReliABEL & AffordABEL solution. There is virtually no conventional block machine that Abel cannot make a mould for! Abel are preferred supplier to some major block machine manufacturers for Southern Africa.

Abel Tumbler:

Developed a few years ago to SANS 1058 specifications, the "tumbler" has certain features that other abrasion testers do not have. The mobility of the unit has made it a preferred tester for large concerns.

Brick industry equipment:

R&D for new brick industry products, is one of the reasons Abel Equipment can be set apart from other suppliers.

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